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Our Proces

We've Been Improving Our Process For Twenty Years So You Receive A First Class Service: From Our First Meeting To The Final Clean Up.

Step One: Introduction And Meeting

Once you contact us one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours, to discuss your requirements and set up a meeting. At the meeting we will cover your brief, set out expectations and begin to formulate a plan and budget. We'll also set up a site inspection so we can go over your site with you.

Step Two: On Site Inspection

To obtain an accurate view of the job required, and to apply our experience and knowledge to your individual scenario, we attend your site, go through it with you and establish the size and scope of the project. This allows us to fully explore all alternatives for product, colour, methods and detail with you, in order to customise our service to your particular situation.

Step Three: Quote With Options.

Taking into account all the knowledge and research undertaken in steps one and two, our experts can now formulate a quote for the work you require. Options for paint types and colours will be put forward, allowing you to make decisions to suit your budget and taste. The brief and specifications will be clearly set out, so every party has the same expectations, and a timeframe will also be formulated, so you know when to prepare the site, and when work is likely to end.

Step Four: A Qualified Project Manager Is Allocated And Work Commences.

Each project has it's own project manager (PM). A highly experienced, and qualified tradesperson, they'll be your main contact throughout the job. Able to plan, organise and an expert communicator, they'll keep your project running on track, on time, and keep you up to date on progress. You'll never have to worry about how your painting is going, because they'll keep you up to date.

Step Five: Final Inspection

After work is finished, both our representative and you will be able to inspect the job. A to-do list will be formulated, and any outstanding tasks completed before final sign off.

Step Six: Clean Up And Departure

Eminence painters pride themselves on how tidy their workspaces are. Not just at the end of the job, but every day of the project. You'II never have to worry about tools, or painting equipment being left in the way as our painters clean up at the end of each days work, and undertake a final major tidy up at projects end. Apart from your new paint, we leave nothing behind.

Why not contact Eminence now and get the process started for your next painting project.

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